Monday, 1 April 2013

The last few days of March...

After my last post which was mostly moaning about the lack of sunshine and freezing weather, this post is going to be more positive and shouting about the rays of sun which keep peeping out from behind those blooming clouds! There is still a very chilly wind and it seems to have changed from an Easterly to a North Easterly, so it is definitely no warmer!!

Along the pavement just outside our house, the daffodils are just coming out, and the crocuses are also looking beautiful. Well they would be if they hadn't been jumped on or kicked. Culprits are either the primary school kids nearby, whose parents don't seem to care that their delinquent children are ruining the spring flowers, or it is somebodies dog which has had a bit of a field day with them. I think I know which it is more likely to be. Anyway rant over. It was sad seeing unopened daffs lying around so mum took one home and put it in a little vase, and miraculously it survived!

Usually I don't bother taking my camera out with me when walking Bracken, often because it's so bloody cold and my fingers are like blocks of ice, but with the recent glimpses of that fiery ball in the sky, I decided to take it on the last couple of evening walks.

Sunlit tree trunk and bluebells emerging


Catkin silhouettes

Gorse looking wonderfully colourful

Action shot! Look I have my ball, but you can't have it!!

Another walk, another litter pick...

Mmmm ready salted crisps! My fave!

We also had rather distant views of a few buzzards flying way up in the cloud, soaring in the thermals. Must have been really chilly up there! We also saw a heron gliding really high up, which we thought unusual.

Heavily cropped so a bit blurry, but can make out it's markings.

 More pup shots...

Posing next to a large fallen tree

Racing back for a treat!

About a week ago I saw a couple of snipe down in the strawberry fields behind our house and then didn't see them again for a few days. We were just on our way back home and we flushed about 10 from the marshy ground. They really are endearing birds! Also quite agile in flight. I got one shot but it was already quite far away so the photo below is a cropped image.

Snipe showing its characteristically long straight bill.

Well March is finally over! We did go for a lovely walk down at Blean woods with plenty of sun but I will save that for another blog post.

So let us hope that this year April is remembered for glorious hot weather, rather than it's renowned showers!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and please visit again soon :)  


  1. Lovely Daff shots, Lou (or do you prefer Lou Mary?) I'd put my money on the delinquent kids! Why they have to do it I don't know or why people drop litter either, a huge pet hate of mine :-(

    Anyway, glad you got out despite this vicious weather, it looked like Bracken was having a great time. You saw some signs the year is moving on, even though it doesn't feel like it, with the Bluebells emerging. Well done with the Snipe, it makes a change from trying to spot them in the reeds ;-)

    1. Thank you :) I respond to both! Litter dropping also make my blood boil! There is just no need for it! I think I will be doing a lot of litter picking when it warms up, but where do you begin?! Or stop for that matter!!

      Bracken does indeed love his walks and playing ball, he just needs to learn that we can't throw it if he doesn't give it back to us!

      Thanks again for commenting :)