Sunday, 21 April 2013

Some more spring weather...

A few evenings ago (18th) I went for a later than usual evening walk. It was still quite chilly, and made me long for those warm summer nights! As the sun was setting the trees looked beautiful, silhouetted against a pale blue sky and large illuminated clouds. These days I usually take my camera out with me because I find if I don't then there is bound to be something worth photographing!

There were huge numbers of wood pigeon and corvids around and all were flapping around a bit before settling down to roost for the night.

The light soon began to fade and I was treated to the most glorious sunset!

Today was another sunny spring day, most of which I spent indoors at work. I did, however go for a lovely walk in the morning with Mum and pup. We were just walking up to the church along the road and I noticed a bird flitting around in the vibrant patch of dogwood, seemingly appearing to be catching flies... Flycatcher I thought?! Mum got the bird in her bins, I was simultaneously attempting to hold on to Bracken on his lead and focus my camera. No easy task! Anyway I did get a couple of shots, I'm not too sure whether it was a female pied flycatcher or a female spotted? I'm thinking more spotted? Please do comment below :) (Actually a whitethroat, thanks Andy and ShySongbird, find links to their blogs further down the page)

Surrounded by flies!
The walk we were on we name the cleave hill walk which takes us about an hour. We walk along the road a little then down the hill and into the marshy area. We are usually lucky enough to have several skylarks singing to us, however since the farmers have ploughed up their nesting grounds we didn't hear a single one. This upset us a fair amount and it is exactly these actions which are leading to the severe decline in birds which use farm land to breed.

We also saw a few other little brown birds, some of which I think were reed warblers, however I could be wrong?! (now identified as a whitethroat thanks to Andy, whose blog you can visit HERE and Shy Songbird whose blog can be found HERE thanks to you both!)

Also spotted a linnet, which was the first I've seen on "patch". Also a male reed bunting and a rather telling sign of spring.. a bright green catkin against a lovely blue sky!

Quite far away, but distinctive pink breast!

From the countryfile weather forecast it seems that this weather may hang around a couple of days before it reverts back to its wintry ways!

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  1. Hi Lou, your Flycatcher is a Common Whitethroat -just got my first of the year today too!

    1. Oh! Shows how much I know! Thanks Andy!

  2. Hi Lou, Andy beat me to it but exactly what I was going to say. I would be pleased with it though as for some reason I don't see them hear as much as you folk in Kent do, mind you Kent is a great place to see birds generally.

    Lovely photos, great sunset.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I haven't seen a whitethroat before yesterday so it hadn't even crossed my mind, but now I have looked at my trusty bird books I can see that it is indeed a whitethroat! I am very pleased and will go and look for it again soon :)

  3. Really like the sunset photo Lou !

    Looks like your patch is awesome for birds! Cracking photo of Bracken too :)


  4. Thanks Tom! Yes it does seem to be pretty good, a fair variety of different habitats around!