Friday, 5 April 2013

A sunny start just to fool us!

On the 1st day of April we were graced with some much needed sunshine! There was still a very chilly wind so we thought we would take pup for his first trip to the woods! We went to Blean woods, on the outskirts of Canterbury which is partly owned by the RSPB. There were quite a few other people who had obviously had the same idea! Bracken LOVES other people and dogs and is very excitable so it was an... interesting walk!

Still looking rather autumnal

Little drink from the stream
Contemplating whether or not to have another drink

I love old trees that have been coppiced, they make brilliant shapes!

I thought this looked like a perfect little hole for a birdy to nest in!

It was a lovely walk, but we were amazed that we didn't see any birds! We heard the odd corvid squawking and great tit calling but nothing much else other than a grey squirrel which Bracken missed! Then about 10 metres from the car we saw a jay which saved the day! We don't get many down our way so it was quite nice to see one :)

A lovely sunny walk indeed, but was April fools day fooling us into thinking that spring may be just around the corner?!

Well we thought not, as the next day we opened our curtains and there it was again... vast expanses of blue sky and ... the sun!! We had another delightful walk in the afternoon.

I love this tree!

Go on.. throw the ball

I'm still waiting...

Getting bored of waiting now...

 So after a couple of sunny days, did the weather last? Well you guessed it, no! Back to freezing biting winds, snow, hail and rain again. I don't think I was fooled!

Although I can't wait to see swallows and house martins and swifts swooping around once again, I really hope they hold off a bit longer as I think they will be in for a bit of a shock if they do return to our cold wet country any time soon!


  1. It looks like great fun was had by all Lou particularly Bracken of course. You took some lovely photos, I particularly like the one of Bracken contemplating a drink. You are right, the first photo could just as easily have been taken in late autumn! Well done on the Jay, it's ages since I saw one.

  2. He is a bit of a wuss when it comes to water! I think he wanted to write a comment as he just jumped on my lap and started pawing at the laptop! Terror dog! I hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend! :)