Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blog re-design...

As I'm new to this whole blog thing, when I first created it I just kind of went with the flow, with regards to the design, well and pretty much everything else, but I thought it didn't look quite right, I'm still not sure it does now, but it's a bit better I think.

I was down in Plymouth the last few days visiting relatives and friends, so unfortunately not much time for proper birding. However on the coach down there I was blessed with about 15 red kites driving through Berkshire, a couple of kestrels along the way and 20 or more buzzards, sitting on fence posts or soaring majestically. I also spotted a couple of deer in a field, but which kind I could not say. i also encountered many garden birds, robins, blackbirds, blue tits etc. There seemed lots of bushes with enticing berries on so always on the lookout!

Anyway until next time when I may have some more interesting finds!

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