Saturday, 27 October 2012

A brief encounter with the cold

Just a quick post before I dash out, probably won't get another chance for quite a few days you see.


After pottering about the house most of the day, we (me and Mum) decided to get out and feel the bitter cold wind on our skin!! Popped down to Oare Marshes to see what we could see.

A tractor was ploughing the fields on the way and in it's wake were a large flock of gulls and the lighting was lovely.

A bit reluctant to get out of the car, we sat and observed from inside, but I was keen to get a few snaps.

The lighting on the water was beautiful and the sky was equally fantastic.

Of the birds we saw were a couple of ruff (we think) amongst a bunch of huddling widgeon

A number of cormorants (or shag?)

A lone heron hiding behind a bush and sheltering from the bitter wind.

A beautiful swan, always highly photogenic!

And finally as we were driving back along the winding road a murmuration of starlings, along with quite a few lapwings.

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