Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Puppy bound

Back in May I was studying hard and revising for my finals, as an incentive to do well (because the prospect of getting a good degree was clearly not enough!) my dear Mother told me we could get a puppy if I got a 2:1 and 2:1 I got so that is why we ended up getting a puppy rather than a dog!
We kept an eye on rescue centres for litters, and it didn't take long, we went to visit some tri-coloured collie pups brought over from Ireland. We had to choose from 3, not an easy task,  but we went for a cute little boy who wasn't too shy but also not too boisterous! We picked him up 5 days later and called him Bracken (Irish surname and born in the woods).

So here is the little cutie the evening we picked him up, puppy pads all over the house, not that he used them!

I can safely say he is a lot more excitable and crazy than that evening! My hands are nicely chewed as are most things in the house! Really didn't realise how much like a child he is! Whenever he is sleeping, rush around and do things that can't be done when entertaining an energetic pup!

We got him some lovely puppy toys, but his favourite toys are a shampoo bottle, a yoghurt pot and a kitchen roll tube!! Oh and the obvious shoes, slippers and sleeves!

He is adorable though, and has found his preferred sleeping place... my lap!

So anyway, this wonderful bundle of joy is the reason why blog posts will probably not contain any bird, countryside or outdoors themed photos as he is still too young to go for walkies. Can't wait to get him out and about walking!

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