Friday, 24 May 2013

Seasalter Beach and The Holy Trinity

On Wednesday we thought we would nip down the road in the car and take Bracken to the beach. Something we should really do more often! My mum and I were saying to each other that if we were walking along a beach like at Seasalter and we were on holiday we would be saying how fantastic it is. We decided that we need to appreciate what is practically on our doorstep!

At Seasalter you can either walk along the beach and turn around and go back the same way, or you can walk along the top, the other side of the low wall and turn around and go back the other way. However, we walked along the beach and then clambered over the wall to walk back along the path! I managed fine, Mum did in the end and Bracken found his inner kangaroo and leapt on to the wall and off the other side!!

Along the shingle beach were hundreds of these jellyfish below. We have no idea what kind they are so if anyone has any idea what they are then please do comment below!! They were pretty darn cool though!

 From the photos below I think it is pretty easy to see that Bracken enjoyed his walk immensely!! With the tide out, he had fabulous fun getting absolutely clarted in mud!! He got a taste for seaweed also.

We came across this carcass, probably a seal pup?! It definitely looks more mammal like than fish like.

Once we had climbed over the wall, it wasn't long before we had swallows dancing over our heads! Less delightful - Bracken found many a cowpat to have a snack on! I noticed this wheatear further along on the wall. It didn't mind us too much and allowed us to get pretty close. Then it would float down the other side of the wall when pup got too near. I could never spot it though, they are great at camouflaging themselves! When I so much as glanced over the wall, Bracken had immediately jumped up onto it again. He is going to be great at agility when he is old enough to go to classes!



Shelduck again

After a breezy but wonderful walk, we returned home for a nice cup of tea! As soon as we got home the clouds miraculously disappeared and the sun shone while the housemartins and swifts put on an aerial display to rival the red arrows! I made it my mission to try and get a few good in-flight shots. Not an easy task considering the speeds they zoom past at! I was happy with some of them but there is always room for improvement!

I added to my earlier swallow photo, to complete my trio! The holy trinity. Swallow, swift and housemartin! I love these birds!!


Housemartin adding to his or her nest from last year!

Sunlit housemartin


A trio of housemartins, one fairly in focus the next just about and the last blurry. But I like it anyway.

Collared dove with ruffled neck feathers

Pretty blossom in the evening sun

That rounds up a pretty awesome day. If the weather would like to start acting more like May than October that would be great! Prime example of the wintry weather was yesterday when my Dad and I got caught in a hailstorm whilst down at Oare Marshes!

Thanks for reading and pop back soon to see some photos of the walk, some rain drops and the garden in a brief spell of sunshine :)


  1. Your post was like coming on a walk with you to the beach. I also am near a beach although I have not seen a jelly fish as yet this year. great to get the birds in flight, I never can capture them, just to fast for me. Have a great weekend.Margaret

    1. Thank you Margaret for your kind comment. I took hundreds of the housemartins that weren't in focus and these were the few I was happy with! I hope you have a good weekend too! :)

  2. Hi Lou, So sorry to have missed commenting on the rest of your fabulous holiday posts, I'm afraid 'real' life has been getting in the way recently. However, I have been through all the posts I missed and enjoyed every one. Your time in Yellowstone Park was amazing!! Seeing the bears and all the other creatures was wonderful. I couldn't get over the contrast in size between the adult and calf Bison! You got lots of great photos and will never forget the holiday I'm sure.

    Lovely to see your recent Bluebells and butterflies too.

    I agree, it is all too easy to forget to appreciate our own locality, if we are privileged to live in an attractive area that is. You are definitely lucky to live so close to the sea, it takes us nearly three hours to drive to the nearest seaside place! I can see Bracken loves it too :-) I'm very impressed with the House Martin and Swift photos, they are so difficult to photograph. Nice to see the Wheatear too.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my posts! :) It was nice to go down there before the bank holiday weekend and half term, because a calm tranquil area quickly turns into a busy beach crammed with noisy people with no respect for nature when the sun shines especially!!

      I hope you had a great weekend :)