Friday, 14 December 2012

Harty Ferry, Oare 8/12/12

Only a few days delayed....

We thought we would take the pup down to Oare to see if he had grown out of his car sickness yet, but mainly to see if we could find some nice birdies!! As we drove past the main marshy, watery area, I could already see lots of activity so I knew it had not been a wasted journey! To be honest even if we didn't see a single bird, it would still be a lovely walk because it just has such a nice atmosphere there!

Another bonus going down to Harty at the moment, is we get to see the fabulous konik ponies which used to roam the marshes along the sea wall at Seasalter. They are very handsome looking creatures that originated in Poland.

Down by the water, there were roughly 40 Teal which are probably one of my favourite species of duck, they have such fantastic markings! Alongside these were around 50 lapwing, there were a few mute swans, I didn't write down how many, but there was a lovely family with 4 cygnets.  

A selection of male and female teal and lapwings

 Further round the circular route we walk around, the water was more open and I could see a number of species, but it was cold and wanted to keep walking so took a quick photo and moved on. When I got home and had a closer look, I identified 5 pintail, 26 teal and 19 coot.

Pintails, teal and coots

The sun sets so early these days, so managed to get a few nice reflection photos as well as spotting quite a few knot and redshank.

The light was disappearing quite quickly, but noticed a number of twittering birdies, so waited for them to settle and tried to get a decent photo. We weren't too sure what we were looking at at the time so got the bird books out once we got home. Decided this was probably a female linnet or a juvenile? Any comments about this identification would be welcome!!

Nearing the end of our walk, 3 or 4 reed bunting were flitting around in the bushes and then a nice little stonechat sat and posed rather nicely on a fencepost for me!

Took a final few landscapey shots before taking our rather muddy tired pup home!

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