Friday, 14 November 2014

Part 1 of my Come Back to Blogland!

5 months! I can't believe it has been that long since I last posted and even that post was about my trip to Cornwall which was in March! I do have a partially finished post with more photos from Cornwall but I have decided to do a couple of posts with a few photos from each month since April. Perhaps I will actually post this one... If you are reading this then obviously I have!


Naughty stoat at Elmley Marshes - most likely looking for a little water vole critter - Just pop my head in..

...maybe look a bit further....

Woooops fell in!

It's okay everyone... I'm okay!

Cute wood mouse in Perry Woods 

Spring colours 


Beautiful colours in National Trust owned Emmett Gardens

Speckled yellow moth at Emmett Gardens

House martins building a new nest on our house... they went on to have 2 successful broods!

Green hairstreak butterfly!!!! At KWT reserve park gate down

Male banded demoiselle at Stodmarsh NNR

Side view of this spectacular male banded demoiselle

This one is for you Ragged Robin :) 

Stay tuned, you never know, I may even post again during next week. To anyone who reads my blog thanks for not giving up on me and welcome to any new readers! I miss having the time to read all your wonderful blogs!

Hopefully I will share some photos from my little backpacking trip around Southern Spain next time!