Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunny squash bug and jewel like rain drops

 Last Sunday I we were lucky to receive a bit more sunshine! Unfortunately I had to go to work! I caught a few rays before I had to go and also found this lovely bug! I took a few photos and consulted our insect book, to discover it is a squash bug! Very pretty. The diamond of iridescent bronze on its back was beautiful!

Squash bug

The days following the bank holiday weekend were not as pleasant, with lots of rain. You would  assume we would be used to it by now and just accept that we have crap weather, but we feel we are entitled to summer and therefore whinge about the rain and cold whenever we get the chance. Well I know I certainly complain about the cold!  Anyway a couple of days last week brought rain and then sun in the evenings. The photos below I took because the leaves on a climbing plant we have by our back door just looked so beautiful with the raindrops on them that I spent a little while capturing the jewel like drops!

That's all for now folks, hopefully in the next couple of days I will be out birding, providing our weather stays nice!


  1. Hi Lou Mary I have never seen that bug before but a great shot of it. I loved the raindrop photos. I hope you saw my raindrop on yesterday's blog. Margaret

    1. Thank you Margaret, I just had a look at your post,I like yours too!