Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wood you look at that!

Yesterday my mum and I were just sitting eating our lunch, watching the birds come and go, as usual. I then saw something with a red bottom... our first great spotted woodpecker! We've seen one on a nearby tree before, but they have never fed on the peanuts that we put out! Must be the cold weather!
I got a few photos from the back door, but I didn't want to open the door and frighten it away.

We also had chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, robin, song thrush, sparrow, starling and blackbird in the garden all at the same time! I think that must be a record for our little garden! Wish it was garden birdwatch this weekend, would have been a cracker! Haven't had any visits from the LTTs recently though. Well I guess they may have popped by whilst we weren't watching!

Anyway here are a couple of my photos

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